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                          Case Histories

Objective:  Improve makeup water quality for operation within the boiler facility.
Solution:  Implement water treatment facility upgrades for improved control of filters, softeners, dealkalizers, boiler chemical feed, and auxiliary water treatment equipment.  Steam Plant Systems has completed projects for several customers involving design engineering, project drawing, PLC logic development, HMI interface configuration, equipment manuals, and startup.

Objective:  Custom engineered burner management system for critical operations.
Solution:  Design and build a redundant system for avoidance of boiler outages due to flame safety system component failures.  All critical components were designed with full redundancy for reliable operations.  In addition, major components are field replaceable without requiring boiler shutdowns.
Experience:  Fireye, Siemens QUADLOG

Objective:  Provide integrated boiler control & flame safety for critical operations.
Solution:  Using available control technology and in-depth knowledge of NFPA codes, design a system which meets the unique requirements of both boiler control and flame safety without sacrificing ease of use or common software platforms.  Steam Plant Systems has accomplished this goal on several projects for customers in the power generation, pulp & paper, semiconductor, institutional steam distribution, and chemical industries.
Experience:  Siemens APACS+ and QUADLOG

Objective:  Fast track installation of leased boilers for new powerhouse.
Solution:  Steam Plant Systems mobilized an engineering team for design and drawings required to install the boilers and key auxiliary equipment.  Completed package included drawings for boiler installation, 400 psig steam systems, feedwater systems, condensate return, makeup water, HP drains, 480 VAC electrical, and instruments/controls.

Objective:  Modernize outdated boiler control systems.
Solution:  In a typical year, Steam Plant Systems will complete several of these projects, ranging in size from single loop controls on small commercial boilers to large distributed control systems spanning an entire industrial site.
Experience:     Siemens-Moore APACS DCS
                      Fisher-Rosemount Delta V DCS
                      Bailey DCS
                      Allen Bradley PLC, Modicon PLC, Siemens PLC
                      Wonderware, Intellution, Iconics, Siemens HMI Software
                      Siemens-Moore, Honeywell, Bailey, Fisher, Rosemount Loop

Objective:  Modernize outdated chiller control systems for five (5) 5000 ton chillers.
Solution:  Install an Ethernet based system with PLC-5 chiller controls (Ethernet based), SLC-500 safety controls (DH+), and industrial computers running RSView software.  The system has been on-line and operating successfully for over six years.
Experience:  Allen Bradley PLC-5, SLC-500, RSView Software.

Objective:  Retrofit outdated controls in two (2) remote hydro-electric stations.
Solution:  Install new PLC control system in each of the two (2) stations with fiber-optic communications between the two sites.  Provide HMI interface using redundant I/O servers, client workstations, and remote operation via T1 line and additional client stations located 100 miles from the main site.
Experience:  Allen Bradley SLC-500, Intellution IFix Software




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